What Are you Building?

by jchannell

Ask yourself, what am I primarily building? Is it a skill set, or a lifestyle? A skill set is a framework, and a specific set of tools, to be used in varying situations. It’s like having all the crayons in the box. A lifestyle is something that becomes what you are. Think Donald Trump as a prime example (whatever your personal or political thoughts may be, the man is a business genius.). Does he have to go out, and  and send resumes, and do deals from scratch? Cold call, build attraction to his projects and ideas? NO. He probably hasnt had to to that in the past 30 years, unless he wanted to. He built a lifestyle that brings the deal and opportunities he wants to him.

I have personally, lived on both sides of the equation. In college, I had a lifestyle, because of involvement with a campus org, but not the skills to truly make it work. Meeting people can be harder after college, so take note, university students. When I found certain mentors, I focused on building a skill set, and framework. You start from zero, and build a  business and a brand. It’s a hard road, as lots of people dont know you from anyone, but the skills learned are vital.

More recently, through my business and branding ventures, I have started to build a lifestyle. I have worked with several local venues, and know many of the regulars and staff. When you walk into a venue, and many of the staff, and people know you already, your life is much easier. THEN, it is time to use skills, to close it out, as you are already half the way there. Social proof and status, is a very strong component. As is safety. A potential client’ss defenses will not go up when half the place knows you, vs being some yahoo that she doesn’t know, or know of.

In closing, I believe that learning the skillset FIRST, then learning to leverage it through a lifestyle is a wise move. Think about what you do when you go out. Do the staff where you go know you? Do you have friends there? Are you there for any reason other than to have pitch something? Have you learned a method, and are building on it? I’d urge you to have a vehicle, or system that allows you to build a lifestyle, where things come to you.
That’s my dream, and daily work.


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