Raison d’etre

by jchannell



Why does this site exist, the raison d”etre, or “reason for being?”  The concept is for it to be a hub of my leadership and business related thoughts, as well as an aggregator, for whatever project I’m working on at the time. I want this to be “home base.”

I’m not the first, and certainly wont be the last, to create a central hub for their different projects. I plan that this site will offer you a unique perspective on business, entrepreneurship, leadership and management best practices, and mental conditioning.

You will also notice there’s a bit of dirt on the picture of the home base pictured above.  Do be prepared to hear some thought provoking ideas, that may not always go with the flow of the mainstream. Yes, I will get “down and dirty” and expose some myths, bad thinking, and outright loads of male cow manure that are pervasive in the world of business. It will be professional, but downright uncomfortable for some. I want to make you think, and help you learn from the varied, and rocky road (mmmm….rocky road) I’ve traveled.

Welcome aboard! Stay Tuned…things are just starting to get interesting around here!

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