About Jason

Hi! I’m Jason Channell.

I’m a single 30 year old guy, without children, born in Chicago, grew up in Florida, and now reside in Texas. I watched as my father, a noted radio DJ, did side projects and entrepreneurial pursuits as I grew up. I didn’t know if radio was for me, which is now ironic as I co-host and produce the I Live In Dallas Radio show, but I saw the running your own business and consulting side was for me. As a kid  in my early years I started a garage sale  of trinkets for other neighborhood kids with my younger sister, which was quickly shutdown by the apartment management (Natch!) A couple of years later, in 8th grade, I started a garbage removal service for our apartments with a friend. We printed our flyers on his mom’s printer, and stapled them up in laundry rooms, and near the mailboxes.

This entrepreneurial drive later lead me to found and direct Nightlife Supplements, a Dallas based nutritional store specializing in hangover cures and party pills. Recently, I c0-founded ProImage Consulting, a Dallas based image and style makeover consulting service.

I like to to think that if somehow you were able to blend Robert Kiyosaki, Patrick Lencioni, John Maxwell, Captain Picard, Howard Stern,Valentino Rossi, and Sir Richard Branson, I would be the interesting result.

I’m part business strategist, part leadership and development student, and part independent thrill and speed freak. (Apologies to Sir Richard, but hot air balloons are too slow. I prefer motorcycles.)

My dream and goal is to create self-sustaining near passive income businesses, using my Business Development and Strategy skills which generate  income, and fund world travel adventures and philanthropic missions. Much like Tim Ferriss, I want to create value, not only in my business endeavors, but to help others also.

P.S. Random Fun Facts:

-I wanted to be Captain Picard when I grew up.

-I also wanted to be Jimmy Page. I do love to play guitar, and own a Les Paul and Marshall, much to my neighbors occasional chagrin.

-My favorite band is Led Zeppelin

-My first “real job” was at a Capezio shoe store.

-I ride a Honda Shadow Spirit 750

-My Dad is the infamous Captain Whammo from Chicago rock radio in the 70’s. Billboard Magazine named him one of the top 4 DJ’s in the country in 1975.


Thanks for stopping by,

Jason Channell