Why Jason Channell Will Help You Grow Your Business

Hello! I’m Jason Channell

My stated goal is to add enormous value to you and your business, mainly by giving you the tools and helping you develop the leaders in your organization, and navigate modern business waters fraught with dangers and pitfalls.

I believe that leadership development is one of the THE greatest factors in the success of individuals and businesses.

I’m committed deeply and passionately to you, and am seriously engaged in getting you results, and making the process engaging and fun. Yes, I said fun. Fun tends to be a four letter word in too many executive suites, where everything is so deadly serious.

Now, I’m no monk, with all the divine and unquestionable answers brought down from on high. I have a lack of tolerance for pretending and fakery. I don’t have all the answers and make my fair share of mistakes too.

My commitment is to bring you the very best of what I’ve learned, and to be real and honest. Don’t expect perfect “business” polish, but do expect my incisive wit, loud shirts, and tireless energy.

I started my leadership journey nearly 10 years ago, as a mentor introduced me to leadership principles. I have been to several  noted leadership seminars, have an offensively large bookshelf, stuffed with books and training materials I’ve poured over, and have added value in paid and volunteer leadership positions, in effort to become the best leader I can be. I continue to strive to improve to increase my leadership level. You can learn the basic principles of leadership in a weekend, but it takes a lifetime of continued development to be a truly great leader. (Knowing is half the battle! Experience and practice is the other half.)

My diverse background in leadership, psychology, business strategy, and online marketing, combined with hands-on experience, has helped me become very adaptable and creative in business strategies and training solutions. Drawing from my experiences, I can bring a synergistic solution to the table with a demonstrated ability to tackle new areas as the need arises

I’ve also been involved with Social Media since 2004, networking, promoting and building communities on: Facebook, Livejournal, YouTube, Twitter, for non-profit organizations, and my business & personal pursuits.


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What people are saying about Jason Channell’s Leadership and Strategy abilities:

Jason has an exceptional vision and tireless ambition to provide not only top quality products, but substantial content. Jason has been a great assistance to the growth and development of my company and I highly recommend him to anyone serious about growth.” – Matt Pearson, Owner, Recomp Performance Nutrition

“Jason has distinguished himself as a conscientious and energetic business partner. I have enormous respect for his leadership skills, and have been pleased to work with him on many occasions.” – W. Todd Gregory, President, Dorrance Development Group

“Jason is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to virtually any aspect of online sales and promotion. I would not hesitate to recommend Jason to anyone looking for expert help with a web-based business idea, specifically dietary supplement creation and marketing.” – Anthony Adams, Founder, Apollo Nutrition, LLC

“Jason is always thinking up new ideas and ways to make things better for the clients he supports. Doing business with Jason, I don’t think you can go wrong!” – Alicia Hipps, Co-owner, Maniac Marketing Group

“I have found Jason to be a man of integrity and poise. He focuses on the project at hand, with a detailed orientation and utilizes the people and resouces at his disposal to develop the best possible product/service, as a result of his efforts. As a former business owner and current Regional Executive, I look for Managers of Jasons caliber and exceptional personal integrity, that others look to and trust.” – Thomas Rintelmann, Regional Sales Executive, VCP Intl. Inc

Jason has worked with me on various projects in our Rotary Club here in Dallas. He has a great ability to work with a wide variety of people on projects that help our communty and assist in promoting our Club and Rotary in general. I reccommend Jason very highly..” –  John Quinn, Project Manager, Dallas Area Rapid Transit

“Jason has extensive management and leadership experience and it shows in the way he runs his department at PFSweb. He ran the Carter’s CSR division the first six months after the launch of the website and was able to create clear policies and phone strategies for their program from a clean slate. The launch was an extreme success due in part to Jason’s ability to manage the team, and the challenges large brands face going online for the first time.

Jason’s history of working with high-end clientele in his varied previous experience puts him on the company leadership and upper management track at PFSweb. He is adaptable and open to learning cross-departmental functions as displayed in his desire to learn new departmental functions at the company. For his own ventures, he became self-taught in online marketing which has helped round out his experience. I recommend Jason for people management in any strategic operation of the company.” – Neil Lemons, SEO/SEM Manager PFSweb, Co-Founder ILiveInDallas.com